Rules of Civility – Amor Towles


♥♥♥♥ (4 of out 5 hearts) – Rules of Civility is the debut novel by Amor Towles. It was first published by Penguin Books on July 26, 2011.

The historical novel is set in New York City between 1937-1938. It follows Katey Kontent, 25, single, and working a secretary/typing job following the Great Depression, before the U.S. knew what was to come with World War II.

During New Years in 1937, Katey and her friend Eve meet Tinker Grey, a well-respected, handsome, and well-off banker in a jazz club. From here, Katey goes on a year-long journey with Tinker and Eve and the upper class society of New York.

I read this book in collaboration with my work’s book club. Overall, everyone that participated in the discussion loved the book, and my thoughts are the same. Towles did a wonderful job setting the 1930s NYC scene. His writing is beautiful and the way he was able to visually tell Katey’s story on paper was breathtaking.

If you love New York City like I do, want to read a historical fiction novel, and are fascinated with the 1930s upper society, I highly recommend picking up this book.